11 - 12 October 2017 Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Singapore


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The events are impressive - there are so many different suppliers under one roof! It's beneficial to me as I'm able to keep up with all the latest technologies and market trends and have the opportunity to discover more vendors in the market.
Amit Sharma, Infrastructure Solutions Architect, Citibank N.A.

“Data Centre World is much better than any other trade shows I have been to. Its variety and quality have definitely outdone any similar exhibition which offer comparatively small scale seminar programmes. The best thing about this event is how it brings together all the professionals from around the world, so that we can learn from each other and network. I am excited about the Data Centre World Hong Kong series.”
Zulkarnaen Bin Zainal Abidin, AXA Technologies Shared Services Singapore, Regional Data Centre Engineer

“My team and I were attracted by the Smart IOT session before the show, and when we arrived we are very interested in the Live Green Data Centre as it’s our first time to have first-hand experience of all these infrastructure. And later on we found out there are many cloud security presentations which are very useful to our work. In short, we’re very happy.”
Garrett Teo, Thomson Reuters, CIS Network and Storage Support, Data Centre Network Manager

“I am here to source new suppliers and I have got a long of information already just spending few hours here. To be honest I didn’t expect the scale of Data Centre World is this BIG. More interestingly is I have met many old friends here – definitely a good chance to network!”
Gilbert Tiong, Investment Company of the People’s Republic Of China (Singapore) Pte Ltd, IT Executive

“I am here to source new vendors and partners and our company is planning for a revamp. Apart from sourcing Data Centre World provides me a good chance to network with other professionals and insiders in two days. Honestly I haven’t been to any conference for quite a long time – but so far I didn’t regret to come today.”
Lim Meng Soon, WebSatMedia Pte Ltd, CEO

“Comparing to other trade shows and seminars, in terms of content, scale, quality and variety, Data Centre World is the best. The aisle is always packed, and everyone is very engaged in the conversation. This is THE show the community needs.”
Linus Lim, New Revolutions, Head of Sales

I come here for both days with my colleagues because the expo is really large-scaled which takes time to know more about the new technology and do the procurement – my company is going to set up a data centre hub in Malaysia. I think my goals are achieved in the expo so I will definitely be visiting again next year.
Rosdi Yaacub, Property Services (Industry), Johor Corporation, General Manager

It’s my second year visiting the shows. I am from the end-user side and it’s good to absorb the new technology knowledge that I want. It’s also great to network with my peers here. I and my colleagues will continue to support the shows next year.
Guan Peng Tan, PSA Corporation, IT Manager

“It’s my first time joining Cloud Expo Asia and Data Centre World and I see many potential here. I have seen many good names so far and indeed consider in exhibiting in future.”
Frank Courtney-Jay, Final Code, CEO

The show is very good and well-organised. There’s a good line-up of speakers at the conference. Everything I need to know is all conveniently located in one location.
Karunesh Prasad, Change Et Al, Chief Executive Officer 

The events are very informative, interesting and very well-organised. I’ve gained lots of technical information on data centres.
Tan Yat Seng, Singapore Institute of Technology​​​​​​​, Senior Manager 

The show is excellent and there are so many products and technologies to explore and learn about. There are so many vendors that we had to rush against time to see them all.
Vrijesh Pandey, Vodafone Global Enterprise​​​​​​​, Head of Solution Architecture Strategic Accounts 

The live Green Data Centre is a really great idea. For those who are not familiar with certain aspects of data centres, the live Green Data Centre gives them an insight on the build and technology involved.
Augustine Yeon, Sales Director, Seed System Ptd Lte

I had an excellent experience at live Green Data Centre. It was really interesting to see how everything come together.
S Kubendhiran - Jones Lang lasalle, ASEAN Engineering Manager

I attended both days – Day 1 for cloud and Day 2 for data centre. I found the showcases, conferences and the Live Green Data Centre are very useful for me as my company is planning to migrate the existing data centre. 
Tariqul Islam, Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Commerzbank AG

I found the show very interesting with great speakers. The show’s good for understanding new and emerging technologies and applications. It’s also useful for the smaller companies to get their message out there and have their voices heard.
James McCartney, Telstra (Global Enterprise & Services)​​​​​​​, Head of Data Centre

Data Centre World 2016 was very impressive and useful to me and my organisation. We learnt about the latest technology in the live green data centre like Digital Data Center, Micro DC, Efficient utilization of power &cooling in DC, Green Data Center, Modular Data Center and Container Type Data Center.
Vijay Kumar, Atos Information Technology (S) Pte Ltd​​​​​​​, Data Center Supervisor

This is my first visit, the show was great, the presenters were good, everything was well organised. I came to find more information and I'll be back next year.
Judy Khoo, YS One 

This is a very good platform for us to meet up with the various vendors, for great networking sessions, and for finding more solutions. It is useful as we got to know some new vendors, and we are actively seeking various products and solutions, and not just the standard solutions. Will definitely be back every year.
Sheares Ng, Ascenix, Director

This is my first visit, and I love it! It's very useful for anyone who's in IT, especially if you are looking to not only know what's currently going on in the industry, but also improve on your current infrastructure, products, tools that you use, whether it's B2B or B2C. What's great is that you get to meet people who provide services and if you know what you are looking for, you can do comparisons amongst those who provide similar services, features and so on, as opposed to having to hunt them down online. Will definitely be back next year!
Jonathan Chua, Duration Inc,.CEO

I came to get an update on the current technology especially on Big Data and Analytics. It has been very useful and I'll be back for more next year.
E Yan Lim, Singapore Organisation of Seamen​​​​​​​, IT Manager

This event is better compared to last year, there are more talks this year and more informative. We are actually looking into co-location or DC, or going into cloud, so this is a really very good experience. Will definitely come back next year.
Eugene Yong, SASA Singapore​​​​​​​, Senior IT Manager

It's my first visit and find this event very informative, as I am exploring cloud options and security. Will be back for more next year.
Sylvest Chew, EZ-Link​​​​​​​, Compliance Executive

I feel that this exhibition is very much well planned, many informative conference tracks to learn, share and network. Well done.
Whiz Chua, IFMA Singapore​​​​​​​, Consultant

This is my second time here, it's getting better, the quality of the booths is better, and most of the partners are here.
Evan Dumas, Emerging Technologies and Solutions, Fujitsu Asia​​​​​​​, Director

It's my second visit, it's well organised, definitely better than last year.
Max Tseng, Sony​​​​​​​, Assistant Director

An amazing show, a great great success. Asia should be very proud of this and it will get better and better with every year.
Terry Connor, Peer 1 Hosting, Director


Data Centre World, Singapore 2017, alongside industry-leading co-located events - Cloud Expo Asia and Cloud Security Expo is primed to be another brilliant showcase of cloud technology and data centre expertise in Asia.

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