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Back to the Future

12 Oct 2022
Data Centre World Keynote Theatre

The word “datacenter” only came into common use during the dot-com boom of the 1990’s. Digital Transformation continues unabated. During the global Covid pandemic, our digital infrastructure provided the ability to move our workforce from office to home, facilitated remote education, home entertainment, and enabled supply chain agility for retail, manufacturing, utilities, petrol stations, and transportation. And right up to the edge in healthcare, with internet-enabled sensors and devices running continuously in hospitals in an attempt to keep the sickest among us alive. But what does the future look like ? Peter Hannaford, who has worked in the sector for over 50 years from programming to building datacenters and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Datacloud Global Congress in Monaco in 2018 will take a light-hearted look back at where it all started and give his opinion on where we might be going over the next few decades.

Peter Hannaford, Senior Partner - Portman Partners


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