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Design for Sustainability: Improving Operational Efficiency in Data Centres through Digitalization

12 Oct 2023
Data Centre World Keynote Stage

In this session, Derek and Nadine will talk about the different aspects of how digitalization can help make data centres more efficient and sustainable. Digital twins can contribute throughout the entire data centre lifecycle, whether it is on facility, subsystem or product level, and help to not only optimize the design, but also the commissioning process and the operation. It will be highlighted that digital twins are more than just 3D visualizations. They enable various stakeholders to reduce time and costs. For instance, by using simulation tools to enable virtual commissioning of the cooling system, or by providing a common data environment to cross-utilize data from all lifecycle systems such as CMMS, BMS and IoT systems. Data centres can overcome many challenges by implementing digital twin solutions. But most importantly, we can save resources and strive to responsibly meet the needs of an ever-evolving future.

Nadine Mossmeyer, Vertical Manager for Data Centre (Asia-Pacific) - Siemens
Derek Del Nevo, Digital Twin Lead (Asia-Pacific) - Siemens


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