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Radical changes in cooling infrastructure of data centres – Emergence and adaptation of liquid cooling

11 Oct 2023
Critical Infrastructure Stage

Data centres continue to pack more computing power into smaller spaces to consolidate workloads and accommodate processing-intensive applications, such as AI and advanced analytics.

Air cooling simply can't keep up with the increased densities and heavy processing loads. At some point, the capital outlay for air cooling along with the added complexity can no longer be justified.

Data centres have started to adopt liquid cooling for more than just mainframes and supercomputers. Water and other liquids are far more efficient at transferring heat than air – anywhere between 50 and 1,000 times more efficient. Liquid cooling promises to help address many of the challenges that come with air cooling systems, especially as computing densities increase.

During this session we’ll touch base on the following aspects of the liquid cooling:

  • Liquid cooling infrastructure layout
  • Technology maturity
  • Impact on PUE and sustainability
  • Ease of installation and maintenance
  • True total cost of ownership
Chinmay Kulkarni, Product Manager – Asia Pacific - Danfoss Power Solutions


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