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The Future Design & Location of AI-based Data Centres

11 Oct 2023
Efficiency & Sustainability Theatre
Widespread adoption of AI will accelerate the decentralisation of the Data Centre landscape, driving development in new markets and away from the industry’s traditional hubs like Silicon Valley. 
One significant factor is the massive power requirements for AI computing. Rising energy costs and shortages of power in the industry’s traditional hubs are already driving Data Centres into new territories with plentiful supply of cheap, green power.  There is no better example of such a market in APAC than Perth, Western Australia. 
At the same time, experts say driving down the price of compute for AI through lower power costs is imperative if AI applications are going to be financially viable. At present, the enormous cost to access needed computing power through the cloud or from a Data Centre directly is broadly prohibitive. Hence, cost to build, power and deploy is key. 
Daryl Dunbar, Partner - Digital Infrastructure - Internal Consulting Group
Walt Coulston, CEO - GreenSquare DC
Peter Wolsey, Head of Corporate Development & Strategy - GreenSquare DC


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