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Data Centre World Keynote Theatre

The Keynote Theatre is the marquee platform at Data Centre World Asia where esteemed thought-leaders, industry experts and practitioners share insights and perspectives on macro and strategic issues, pivotal opportunities and challenges facing the region. 

Encompassing issues such as geopolitical impacts on markets, growth strategies for data centres in the region, investments that lead to better infrastructures, growing foundations for workforce/talent pipelines, the future of sustainability initiatives, and innovation and value-chain perspectives underpinning the industry’s prospects.  

Valuable insights shared at the Keynote Stage will shape thinking and conversations among decision-makers and professionals looking to stay ahead of the competition. 

Join us here for conversations that truly matter for leaders and drivers of the data centre ecosystem.


Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Theatre

The Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Theatre features valuable insights and conversations among leading minds on tackling some of the greatest challenges facing the data centre industry.  

Bringing together innovators, field practitioners and experts from various sectors. Discussions here will explore all aspects of energy efficiency and sustainability including, techniques, insights and best practices on cost management, approaches to address and meet compliance requirements, applicable solutions geared towards delivering net-zero initiatives, capacity planning and sustainable operations, power generation, monitoring, storage, cooling, and waste management.

Attendees will gain insights from global case studies on how to better optimise operational efficiency and reduce environmental impacts.

Critical Infrastructure Stage

With data centres recognised as critical meta-infrastructures, The Critical Infrastructure Stage focuses on improving resilience and managing the potential risks posed to these vital facilities.

Experts and specialists will present and discuss key insights, strategies and solutions covering a range of topics including security, uptime, risk, design, build, DCIM and critical equipment. Industry professionals and practitioners attending these sessions will learn through case-studies and practical examples the best practices for designing, building and managing data centres that are more efficient, secure, and reliable in an ever-evolving landscape.


    Attend Data Centre World Asia on 9-10 October 2024 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Data Centre World is designed for C-level staff, data centre leaders, end users, managers and key decision makers. No matter the size of your business, or whether you represent the public or private sector, there will be lots of takeaways and goals to achieve at the event.



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