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26 Apr 2022

Azbil Completes Construction of New Factory Building At Production Facility in China

Azbil Corporation Stand: T40

TOKYO, Apr. 26, 2022: Azbil Corporation (Tokyo Stock Exchange Code: 6845) announced that its production base Azbil Control Instruments (Dalian) Co., Ltd., located in the city of Dalian in Liaoning Province, People’s Republic of China, has completed construction of a new factory building as part of Azbil’s initiative to expand and increase productivity of its global production system to support overseas business development.

As part of strengthening its global production system, the azbil Group started its “mother factory” in 2019 by linking the efforts of its Shonan Factory and its main technology R&D facility, Fujisawa Technology Center, allowing the Group to strengthen its three-base production system in Japan, China, and Thailand. Centered on the mother factory, various Group companies and departments collaborate on initiatives for producing high-functioning high-quality products that incorporate the latest technology while maintaining optimal cost.

Established in 1994, Azbil Control Instruments (Dalian) is the azbil Group’s first production base outside of Japan. For over a quarter of a century, it has been one of the primary factories supporting Azbil’s global production system and also serves as an important base in Asia for production and shipping.

The new factory building was constructed with the aim of strengthening a production system that responds to the increasing needs in the ever-growing region of Asia. By utilizing this new building, the Group will respond to expanding production and improve its competitiveness by upgrading and further automating the facility’s production processes. Efforts are being made to design processes that emphasize the environment and safety.

Azbil Control Instruments (Dalian) will improve the placement of production equipment in all the current buildings, including the new one, to implement more efficient logistics across the entire base. There are plans to arrange new production lines of the new factory building’s control valves to improve efficiency of large-scale machining, assembly, painting, inspection, and shipping. Various processes will commence in mid- to late April 2022, followed by continued installation of automated facilities, with the entire base starting full operations in January 2023.

■ Overview of new factory building at Azbil Control Instruments (Dalian) Co. Ltd.
 Floor area: approx. 9,670 m2 (three floors)
 Floor area of Azbil Control Instruments (Dalian): 22,000 m2
 ・Includes current control valve building (3,727 m2), building no. 2 (5,933 m2) and new
  employee welfare building (2,600 m2)

Guided by the azbil Group philosophy of “human-centered automation,” Azbil will continue to develop and provide products and services that meet customers’ needs in order to contribute to a better society.

* Posted information is accurate as of the date of announcement.



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