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02 Sep 2022

Azbil Completes Construction of Two Laboratory Buildings for Conducting Experiments at Central R&D Base ― Strengthening the azbil Group’s Fujisawa Technology Center ―

Azbil Corporation Stand: T40

Azbil Completes Construction of Two Laboratory Buildings for Conducting Experiments at Central R&D Base
― Strengthening the azbil Group’s Fujisawa Technology Center ―

The azbil Group recognizes that in this business environment, there is an increase in the role of automation and the opportunities for its use in resolving social issues and meeting customer’s needs such as decarbonization, securing safety amid increased COVID-19 infections, decreasing labor force, aging infrastructure. Against this backdrop, the Group has established long-term targets*1 for contributing “in series” to a sustainable society, balancing both corporate growth and contributions to society’s sustainability.

The two new laboratory buildings will drive forward various initiatives for the purpose of strengthening the development of new products and services, which is in line with the three growth fields—new automation, environment and energy, and life-cycle solutions—which share a common foundation of automation technology and are positioned to help achieve the long-term targets.

Specifically, the new buildings will help further boost development in advanced system solutions that use cloud computing and AI, as well as in high-performance, high-precision devices. For expanding business based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors, there will also be development facilities for those sensors as well as a measurement standards laboratory for supporting the azbil Group’s measurement capabilities. The new laboratory buildings will provide a new environment for development and advanced facilities for experimentation, enabling more efficient R&D activities as well as driving advanced technological development. As the azbil Group’s global R&D base, the center aims to be a place to experience the world’s latest automation technology and will serve as a space to create new value together with customers.

■ Overview of Building 103
Building 103 will boost development with its optimized and advanced development environment, while also providing a workspace to bring about productivity and creativity for R&D. The work areas are laid out to strike a balance between fostering concentration and enabling work at a more leisurely pace, the latter of which can be accomplished at a café-style area that reflects current workstyles. By providing an optimized environment for development and work, this new building promotes stimulation for employees and work-style creation*2.

■ Overview of Building 104
Building 104 is equipped with facilities for measurement standardization and for development of MEMS sensors, a key component of Azbil’s sensing technology. Azbil aims to maintain and improve competitiveness of its MEMS sensors through its accumulated proprietary underlying technology, process technology, and development & production expertise. At the same time, the company is also committed to the stable supply of and new product development of high-performance sensors as well as expanding business into new fields based on those sensors.

The new calibration office, which will start operations in September, will contribute to business operations by strengthening Azbil’s calibration capabilities based on the motto of “accurate measurement.” The office brings together current construction technology and Azbil’s expertise in building HVAC technology and measurement.

The new buildings have received the certification of WELL Health-Safety Rating*3 from WELL Building Standard®, which is a system for evaluating buildings focused on the health and comfort of people. Both buildings were recognized for management and operation plans that takes occupant wellness into account.

Guided by the azbil Group philosophy of “human-centered automation,” Azbil aims to contribute “in series” to a sustainable society, to grow sustainably, and to contribute to the solution of problems faced by society by developing products and services that provide safety, comfort, and fulfillment.


*1 Long-term targets (FY2030): Net sales in the 400.0-billion-yen range (overseas 100.0-billion-yen range), operating income in the 60.0-billion-yen range, operating margin of approx. 15%, ROE of approx. 13.5%
Azbil aims to contribute “in series” to a sustainable society by improving the quality of space and productivity of customers’ assets as well as curbing energy usage for such improvements, developing this business both domestically and overseas.
*2 Work-style creation: By bringing about transformation through combining work mechanisms (promoting digital transformation), work styles, and work sites and environments, Azbil aims to increase value provided to customers.
*3 WELL Health-Safety Rating: An evaluation administered by U.S.-based International WELL Building Institute (IWBI) that demonstrates the establishment of various measures for the spread of infections and other emergencies. The certification is earned when health and safety factors of buildings and facilities meet particular criteria based on international standards. This applies to buildings other than residential housing.

* Posted information is accurate as of the date of announcement.



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