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01 Oct 2015

ebm-papst leads way of energy saving in data centers.

ebm-papst leads way of energy saving in data centers.

ebm-papst, the world-leading fans and motors manufacturer, reviews energy efficiency at the Melbourne-based data center and provides a state-of-the-art cooling system designed for low carbon and cost saving operation. ebm-papst has a long-standing reputation for its energy-efficient Electronically Commutated (EC) fans. The condensers of the data center ventilation system now feature variable speed EC fans for low noise operation and maximum efficiency.  A trial conducted by contractor Computer Cool at a data center in Melbourne shows ebm-papst has helped achieve 85 % reduction in input current on the ventilation system after its EC fans are installed on condensers.

The average input current per fan decreased from 5.79A to only 0.86A. Air-cooled condensers on data centres typically use 500 mm, 4 pole axial fans (7000 m³/h @ 80 Pa). These fans usually run 24/7 and in most cases they are already speed controlled proportional to the head pressure in the condenser. The speed of the fan is regulated via a voltage regulator, typically a TRIAC speed controller. This method of speed control is not only noisy but also inef?cient.

On the other hand, EC axial fans have shown to save 30 % in power compared to AC equivalents at full speed. When EC fans are speed controlled, they closely follow fan laws, where power changes proportionally to the third power of air ?ow. These savings result in huge power reductions during most of the fans’ operating time. As a result of the new cooling system’s implementation, the data center achieved a return of investment (ROI) of less than 2 years on two- and three-fan condensers.

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About ebm-papst
The ebm-papst Group is the world's leading manufacturer of fans and motors. Since it was founded, the technology company has continuously set global market standards. Developments have ranged from electronically controlled EC fans, through aerodynamic improvements of fan blades, and on to the resource-conserving selection of materials, with sustainable materials being just one option.

Fans and motors from the global market leader can be found in many industries, including ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration, household appliances, heating, IT and telecommunications, as well as automotive and commercial vehicles.



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