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05 Aug 2016

Global Ewaste Solutions Becomes First South East Asian Electronics Recycler to Achieve e-Stewards Certification

Global Ewaste Solutions Pte., Ltd., in Singapore, has been granted the first e-Stewards certification in South East Asia, and is the first to offer global coverage with three e-Stewards Certified facilities outside of the United States. The e-Stewards Certification is widely recognized as the most rigorous standard for socially and environmentally sound electronics recycling and asset management in the world.

In the current economic climate, with crashing commodity values and ever increasing connected devices, e-Waste dumping has unfortunately become a worldwide epidemic. e-Stewards Certification, owned by the environmental organizationBasel Action Network (BAN), is seen as part of the solution. Global Ewaste Solutions' customers are committed to responsible recycling and demand the highest environmental, health and safety, and data security standards to ensure their products have a minimal negative global impact. The e-Stewards Standard's strict rules against exports of toxic electronic waste to developing countries, disposal in solid waste landfills or child or forced prison labor, as well as their rigorous performance verification methods, ensures our clients have peace of mind when making end of life IT lifecycle decisions.

Far too often, companies calling themselves recyclers simply export e-waste to developing countries. A recent study by BAN, using tracking devices placed in old electronic equipment and delivered to recyclers, showed that almost 40% of these went offshore to Asian destinations where they were managed in sub-standard, highly polluting informal operations. Global Ewaste Solutions is proud to support the ongoing efforts of e-Stewards and Basel Action Network (BAN) to help eliminate global e-Waste dumping and provide enterprises and other customers with ethical alternatives.

"Creating an e-Stewards Certified company in Singapore provides multinational companies a new option for their Asia operations. They can now easily adhere to the same exact responsible recycling practices as they do in North America or Europe, in Singapore and surrounding countries." said Global Ewaste Solutions President, Kuljit Parmar.

In addition, to provide the highest levels of environmental justice for its clients, Global Ewaste Solutions, a division of Knowledge Computers, has also been helping its clients around the globe ensure they maximize the lifecycle value of their IT Assets. They are committed to provide their clients with the highest levels of data security on their retired IT assets, while focusing on reuse over recycling to drive maximum sustainability in every instance.

"We are thrilled to welcome Global Ewaste Solutions into the e-Stewards community of globally responsible asset managers," said BAN Executive Director, Jim Puckett. "South East Asia now has an ethical destination for retired assets from the many enterprises operating in the region."

Global Ewaste Solutions is a leading IT asset disposition (ITAD) service provider with facilities in Canada, USA and Singapore. Offering a full suite of IT lifecycle management services from on-site data destruction to asset remarketing and responsible e-Waste recycling. The objective is to provide peace of mind to our clients by ensuring the best data sanitization and environmental practices are used for their retired IT assets, while lowering their TCO using our remarketing, repair and redeployment services.

The e-Stewards initiative is a market-based solution to help individuals and organizations identify and promote electronics recyclers who ensure that used electronics are managed with the highest standards of environmental and social responsibility. e-Stewards Certified Recyclers are audited and certified to ensure highest levels of responsibility and e-Stewards Enterprises are major corporations, municipalities, nonprofits or institutions that agree to make best efforts to make use of e-Stewards Certified Recyclers. For more information about the e-Stewards Initiative visit: www.e-Stewards.org



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