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10 May 2023

Riello UPS has launched Multi Power2, a modular UPS solution designed for modern data center infrastructures.

Riello UPS Stand: T10
Riello UPS has launched Multi Power2, a modular UPS solution designed for modern data center infrastructures.
Multi Power2 by Riello UPS

The rise of digitalization such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and social media, along with the growing adoption of cloud computing and the proliferation of connected devices, have led to an exponential increase in the amount of data generated and stored worldwide. This surge in data generation has led to a corresponding rise in demand for Data Center infrastructures (essential for  providing the necessary computing power, storage, and networking capabilities to support the massive amounts of data being generated and processed) and investments in new technologies and innovations to increase power efficiency, reduce costs, and improve performance.

For almost a decade, Riello UPS’s Multi Power modular range has been efficiently protecting the power supply of Data Center and critical applications worldwide. Thanks to the presence in the market for several years and the many installations deployed globally, Multi Power is recognized as a high-performing and ultra-reliable system. MultiPower2 is the evolution of this modular UPS, which offers unrivalled efficiency up to 98.1%, higher power density (more than double compared to the previous version), more straightforward integration to existing and new installations, enhanced operating efficiency, and global flexibility.

In fact, Multi Power2 has been designed to cope with the Data Center sector’s growing demands for a sustainable decarbonization strategy to successfully lower carbon emissions and increase energy efficiency whilst still delivering reliable power for high-density computing environments, including medium to large data centers (i.e., Enterprise, Colocation, Hyperscale), and any other critical applications where energy continuity is paramount.

Multi Power2 provides a highly flexible modular power solution that ensures business continuity in every operating condition and is a step forward in every aspect of the system, from the individual power modules to the entire UPS system architecture, passing through the Riello UPS’s Smart Modular Architecture (SMA), which is the result of a new design approach focused on a deep interconnection between all UPS components.

The new best-in-class power modules, based on the latest silicon carbide technology (SiC), reach an unmatched efficiency of up to 98.1% in ON LINE double conversion, providing the best power supply to critical equipment while minimizing operating costs and energy losses, reducing cooling requirements and allowing for more compact, reliable, and robust solutions.

The efficiency benefits are significant, resulting in 58 tons of CO2 saved and €39k energy bill savings yearly, calculated at 400 V / 50 Hz / @50 % load for an MP2 1.6 MW UPS system with BLUE power modules compared to a market average 96% efficiency UPS.

The flexibility and scalability of Multi Power2 mean it can be easily adapted to any increase in load, providing a pay-as-you-grow approach that optimizes both the initial investment and the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The range consists of MultiPower2 MP2, which can handle up to 500 kW, and MultiPower2 M2S, which can be scaled from 1000 kW to 1600 kW.

The MP2 frame can host up to eight modules, while M2S accepts up to 30 modules (according to the cabinet power and redundancy requirements). The modules are designed to be fully independent, hot-swappable, mechanically segregated to guarantee the overall system reliability, and with embedded selective disconnection at both the input and output stages. The Bypass is modular and fully rated according to system's maximum power (500 kW, 1000 kW, 1250 kW, 1600 kW), enabling it to clear higher short circuit currents.

Speaking about this new system, Roberto Facci, Sales Director Riello UPS, says, "Multi Power2 is the evolution of our modular UPS solution, which offers unbeatable operating efficiency, higher power density, easier integration, and global flexibility. As the world increasingly relies on technology and digital connectivity, the data center industry is placing an increasing emphasis on sustainability and energy-saving practices and our efforts aim not only reduce the carbon footprint of data centers, but also improve their efficiency and cost-effectiveness, making them more sustainable in the long term.”

Riello UPS's Multi Power modular range has been efficiently protecting the power supply of critical applications worldwide for almost a decade: the time has come for a new Data Center power supply evolution with MultiPower2, which not only provides high levels of overall performance, but which raises the bar for UPS efficiency – SMART, SCALABLE, SUSTAINABLE protection by Riello UPS



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