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23 Sep 2019

The next generation diesel sense cable efficiently protects generators from diesel leak risks

The next generation diesel sense cable efficiently protects generators from diesel leak risks
TTK addressable diesel leak detection system allows reliable and fast detection at a very early stage of oil leaks on any diesel generator system

Abstract: TTK, the market-leading manufacturer of liquid leak detection systems for 30 years, offers a next generation sense cable for detecting diesel leaks in data centers.

A complete TTK system will be installed in real condition in the Live Data Center Of The Future throughout the DCW Singapore 2019 exhibition.

Key words: diesel leak detection, generator, data center, safety, energy efficiency.


On many facilities, emergency generators are the last line of defense when there is a utility failure or a catastrophic event. Non-detected diesel oil leakage on generators (which are often located in areas without daily inspection) can be extremely detrimental with potentially severe consequences, especially in data centres, health care sites, airports, or critical mission facilities.

The TTK diesel oil leak detection solutions for generators are specially designed and developed to protect diesel generators and their supporting diesel system as storage tanks and diesel distribution pipes.

The next generation diesel sense cable FG-OD

This cable is installed in real condition in the Live Data Center Of The Future and on our stand at O55 during the DCW.

The FG-OD addressable sense cable, made from innovative materials (coextruded and electrically insulated silicone sheath), enables fast and reliable detection of diesel during contact over the entire length of the cable.

Its difference? There are 3: its selective detection (not sensitive to water, pressure or dust); its built-in microcontroller (allowing precise location on cable section) and its truly reusability (allowing to perform on-site tests before commissioning, which is not possible on existing cables so far).

The TTK diesel oil sense cable structure: (see figure)

How does the TTK diesel detection system functions? (see figure)

The advantages of TTK diesel sense cables:

  • Fast response (diesel 25-35 min, gasoline: 3-6 min*)
  • Selective detection (insensitive to water, pressure or dust, rated IP68)
  • A precise location (over the length of the section)
  • Reusable after cleaning

*: depending on the composition of the liquid, temperature and leakage conditions.


TTK  offers 3 application-specific oil sense cables

The installation environments as well as the products to be detected are different, requiring specific leak detection systems to respond to particular requirements. For example, the needs in terms of leak detection for a diesel generator room are different from a heavy crude oil tank farm, or from a jet fuel hydrant system. That’s why TTK offers two additional sense cables and one probe to provide a full range of solutions able to cover different leak detection requirements. 

Should you wish to find out more or discuss your own specific needs, our sales engineers are at your disposal at stand O55 and inside the Live DC.


The versatile FG-NET digital control panel

The diesel sense cable connects to TTK's FG-NET digital control panel, which can be used for both water and oil leak detection. If a leak is detected on one of the cables, the FG-NET panel can display the precise location on an integrated dynamic map. It is able to detect several leaks simultaneously, since each cable communicates with the control unit independently thanks to the integrated microcontroller. The FG-NET digital control unit communicates the detection information to other devices connected to the local network (BMS) via the TCP / IP and JBUS / MODBUS communication protocols.

The TTK control panel monitors, on these 3 independent circuits, the premises against the water leak (data center) and diesel (generator, storage tanks, diesel distribution lines, etc.).

10-year warranty on all products

TTK products are manufactured in France since the company was founded. In 2018, on the 30th anniversary of the company, TTK offers its customers a 10-year warranty on all products. A first in the industry, which offers between 12 to 18 months warranty usually.

For more information about the warranty, please speak with our representative on the stand or visit our website: http://www.ttkuk.com/about_ttk/10-year-warranty/


About TTK

TTK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of Liquid Leak Detection Systems for almost 30 years, develops, engineers, manufactures, sells and installs their unique Addressable and Digital Liquid Leak Detection systems.

Digital Leak Detection Systems can help minimize liability, and reduce and mitigate risk, loss and downtime. TTK Detection Systems are designed for: Data Centres, Critical IT Infrastructure, Prestigious Commercial and Residential property, Oil Pipelines, Hydrocarbon and Petrochemical Plants, Bulk Storage and Offshore.

With its headquarters based in Paris and 7 subsidiaries around Europe, Asia, the Middle East and North America, TTK serves over 5500 customers worldwide, with leak detection installations in over 64 countries.

Website: www.ttk.sg


Press Contact:

TTK Pte Ltd
Name: Viviane YU
Tel : +65.6220.2068
Mail: marketing@ttk.sg
Website : www.ttk.sg





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