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In the global construction industry today, Cemseal is emerging as a brilliant new star from Malaysia, with innovative concepts, exquisite craftsmanship, and comprehensive services. Committed to quality and deeply understanding customer needs, Cemseal aims to become a globally recognized brand, providing one-stop waterproofing and flooring solutions, as well as single-ply roofing and insulation sandwich panels.

One-Stop Waterproofing and Flooring Services
Cemseal’s core strength lies in offering comprehensive waterproofing and flooring services. They provide complete solutions from initial consultation, customized design, high-quality material supply, to rigorous construction, professional inspection, and post-service maintenance. Their flooring solutions, including epoxy and wear-resistant floors, blend aesthetics with functionality.

Innovation in Roofing and Insulation Sandwich Panels
Cemseal has expanded its scope to single-ply roofing and insulation sandwich panels, investing heavily in R&D to offer energy-efficient and durable solutions. Their products, including TPO and PVC membranes, and high-performance insulation sandwich panels, are designed to provide superior thermal insulation, soundproofing, and fire resistance.

Professional Team and Global Expansion
With a team of industry experts and skilled professionals, Cemseal ensures high-quality consultancy and support. The brand is expanding its influence in Southeast Asia and has garnered global acclaim for its products and services. Cemseal is committed to innovation and excellence, aiming to leave a significant mark on the global construction stage and achieve international recognition.


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