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Reflex Winkelmann

Stand: T70
  • | Data Centre of Next Generation
  • | Energy Efficiency
  • | Innovation Data Centre Design
Reflex Winkelmann

The company is part of Reflex Winkelmann GmbH - Germany where we Singapore is the Head Office for Asia Pacific Region. Our Primary Products is in Chilled Water Closed Loop Expansion and Degassing Systems mainly in Data Centers but also for Industrial and Commercial Buildings - we also are manufacturers of Expansion Tanks from 1 ltr to 5000 ltr with distributors in many parts of Asia Pacific. Energy Efficiency is part of our Portfolio with a Pressurisation System to maintain system pressure at a close tolerance coupled with Vacuum Degassing, providing energy savings in Circulation Pumps and Chillers - come and talk to us anytime.


German Centre for Trade & Industry
25 International Business Park #04-08 German Centre
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