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Exhibitor Press Release

  • ebm-papst is proud to help a data center in Melbourne achieved 85 % reduction in input current on the Data center ventilation for condensers.


    Global eWaste Solutions Ltd., with locations in in Duncan, British Columbia, and Guelph, Ontario, has achieved e-Stewards certification.

  • Global Ewaste Solutions Becomes First South East Asian Electronics Recycler to Achieve e-Stewards Certification

    05 Aug 2016 Global Ewaste Solutions Becomes First South East Asian Electronics Recycler to Achieve e-Stewards Ce

    Global Ewaste Solutions Pte., Ltd., in Singapore, has been granted the first e-Stewards certification in South East Asia, and is the first to offer global coverage with three e-Stewards Certified facilities outside of the United States. The e-Stewards Certification is widely recognized as the most rigorous standard for socially and environmentally sound electronics recycling and asset management in the world.


    Longtime Cellwatch Partner, Summit Power, Has Added the Cellwatch Battery Monitoring System to its GSA Contract of Products and Services

  • January 2018:  Swiss based UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL SA, has introduced its new PremiumTowerTM stand-alone UPS in the UK through its UK subsidiary, Centiel Ltd.   The PremiumTowerTM is another high quality solution from the same R&D team that brought us  CumulusPowerTM, CENTIEL’s  class leading three-phase modular UPS system.  PremiumTowerTM is a stand-alone version ideally suited to applications where minimising total cost of ownership is a significant factor. 

    “CumulusPowerTM  is a scalable and flexible modular three-phase UPS system that combines class leading availability and efficiency that makes it perfect for use in small, medium and large datacenters,” explains Michael Brooks, managing director, CENTIEL Ltd.  “However, not every application requires a modular UPS and for these applications the PremiumTowerTM is perfect. It has the same Swiss build quality and innovative technology seen in CumulusPowerTM but comes in a lower cost, stand alone cabinet. 

    “PremiumTowerTM is available in power ratings of 10kW to 60kW and the UPS cabinets can be paralleled to provide either additional power capacity or redundancy.” continues Brooks.  “In addition, its on-line operating efficiency of 96.6% minimises running costs whilst its built-in battery reduces the footprint to ensure it can fit into even the smallest comms room.   

    “For more than ten years, we have been a trusted supplier of UPS, along with servicing and maintenance contracts, to our valued client base,” confirms Books.  “We are delighted now to introduce PremiumTowerTM which expands our potential market and ensures the best power protection for even more business-critical applications” 

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  • April 2018: Swiss-based UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL SA, has launched new 25kW and 60kW UPS modules for its pioneering 4th Generation Modular UPS system: CumulusPowerTM. This industry leading three-phase, modular system offers 99.9999999% (“9 nines”) system availability with low total cost of ownership and now with 20% more power density. These new modules complete the family which also includes: 10kW, 20kW and 50kW options, offering the ultimate in UPS flexibility.

    “Real estate is expensive and so datacenters need to save space where they can,” confirms Mike Elms, sales and marketing director, CENTIEL Ltd. “In addition, more space and racks in a facility can in turn, potentially generate revenue for the operation. Therefore, a UPS which provides the most power, using the smallest footprint possible is a valuable asset.

    “The new 25kW and 60kW versions of CumulusPowerTM have all the benefits of our original industry leading Modular UPS but now offer yet more power in the same the same footprint. Unlike traditional multi-module systems, the CumulusPowerTM technology combines a unique Intelligent Module Technology (IMT), with a fault-tolerant parallel Distributed Active Redundant Architecture (DARA), to remove single points of failure and offer industry leading availability.

    “9 nines system availability is achieved through fully independent and self-isolating intelligent UPS modules - each with individual rectifiers, inverters, static bypass, CPU and communications logic and display,” explains Elms. “In the unlikely event of a module failure, the module can be quickly and safely “hot-swapped” without transferring the load to bypass and raw mains.

    “In addition, CumulusPowerTM has been designed to reduce the total cost of ownership through low losses,” confirms Elms. “The high double conversion efficiency of 97% at the module level means it is currently the best solution available to protect data centre infrastructure as its configuration also reduces downtime risk, avoiding costly errors as well as increasing energy efficiency.”

    CENTIEL Ltd’s UK-wide team of engineers support a significant customer base with a range of maintenance contracts: from fully comprehensive to maintenance and emergency call out only. Mike Elms continues: “Our engineers are on call 24/7, but like our clients, we prefer to avoid emergencies! It is therefore in our interests to provide the highest quality UPS solutions possible and so we are delighted to introduce the new 25kW and 60kW UPS module versions of CumulusPowerTM now offering the ultimate in power protection to our valued client base.”

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  • The awards ceremony for the German Data Center Award took place on April 24, 2018 in Darmstadt. The top three prizes were awarded in each of eight categories at the “Darmstadtium” convention center, with ebm-papst taking second place in the category for data center energy technology.

  • 14 May 2018:  Swiss-based UPS manufacturer, CENTIEL SA, has announced it aims to quadruple UPS production volumes with the development of a new manufacturing facility located in Lugano, Switzerland.  The new factory will become CENTIEL SA’s global headquarters and will house R&D, production, final test, sales and marketing, logistics, finance in addition to quality control of all CENTIEL’s UPS solutions. 

    Filippo Marbach, founder of CENTIEL SA explains:Based upon the demand we experienced in 2017 and the growth we are already seeing this year for our 4th generation UPS technology, plus our projected forecasts, it became clear that we would outgrow our existing factory by the end of the year.  Our new factory will enable us to quadruple production volumes and we are already future planning to increase production capacity even further in 2020/21.” 

    Gerado Lecuona, co-founder and global sales director, CENTIEL SA confirms: “Despite being a young company, only founded in April 2015, CENTIEL’s rapid worldwide expansion is a result of the vast knowledge and experience of our key people.  Many in the global market already know CENTIEL’s team from their previous work.  For example: in the early-90s, transformerless technology was pioneered by Filippo Marbach and his design team.  Mr. Marbach was also the driving force behind the design and development of the first fully decentralized three phase, hot swappable, modular UPS.  It is this same design team that are now working together again, continuing their passion for technological innovation at CENTIEL SA.” 

    Lecuona continues:  “The factory move, planned for completion by September 2018, will give us both the additional space we need to increase our capacity and also maintain our existing excellence in logistics and speed of delivery.  It will also further improve our training and demonstration facilities for customers plus our ever-growing network of channel partners and subsidiaries.  By the end of 2018 we expect to have added another four to six subsidiaries across the world.” 

    Marbach concludes: “Significant effort has been put into CENTIEL’s pre and post-sales support infrastructure to ensure it delivers class leading service across the globe.  When your solutions are deployed in the Arctic Circle and in the deserts and rain forests of the world, delivering excellence consistently requires considerable organization and resources.  However, we are passionate about supporting our clients and ensuring their power is always protected regardless of their location.  We are looking forward to broadening and deepening the company’s product range further before the end of 2018.” 

    CENTIEL has recently launched new 25kW and 60kW UPS modules for its pioneering 4th Generation Modular UPS system: CumulusPowerTM.    This industry leading three-phase, modular system is now offered with 20% more power density.  These new modules complete the family which also includes: 10kW, 20kW and 50kW options.  

    CENTIEL also offers: PremiumTowerTM a stand-alone version ideally suited to applications where minimising total cost of ownership is a significant factor, offering the ultimate in UPS flexibility.   

    For further information please see:

  • GlobalEwaste Solutions is hosting the free Twin Ports Recycling event on Saturday which aims to reduce illegal dumping.

  • UDAC is getting computers that would have otherwise been thrown away from Global Ewaste Solutions.

  • Legrand recognized as “a leader in white space infrastructure” and a leader in PDUs

  • CITEC new factory opening ceremony in Dongguan, China was successfully launched and attended by ditributors from all over the world.
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