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26 Sep 2017

Optimising the data centre through knowledge

The dynamic nature and exponential growth of the volume of data being generated today are putting a huge amount of pressure on back-end systems. Data needs to be generated and processed in real-time, so the need to have real-time information on how the data centre is behaving is critical.

Adaptability and optimisation are thus why more and more data centre operators are turning to Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) technologies which can provide them with cues on how to adapt to changing environments and loads.

More than ever the need to optimise the resources in data centres is becoming crucial. That optimisation cannot happen without knowledge. Tools such as DCIM provide the ability to better manage assets and capacity, as well as power monitoring, environmental monitoring and energy efficiency. Periodic reviews and audits are passé.


Innovation in the data centre

In addition to DCIM, there are many other technologies which are emerging in all aspects of the data centre. However, at a macro level, IT automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are the key technologies which we will be seeing more of over the next few years.

There are many mundane routine tasks which are carried out in managing a data centre. Given the fact that the workload is increasing on a daily basis, deploying more manpower for these tasks is not the answer. For a data centre of 50,000 square feet, about 1800 ? 2000 tasks are carried out every quarter ? and this is for a data centre which is well managed.

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