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Benjamin Kho

Benjamin Kho

Regional Applications Marketing Manager, CHINT Global
Benjamin has more than 10 years of global experience in the engineering and technology field. At CHINT Global, he is the Regional Applications Marketing Manager, Asia Pacific working closely with regional partners and teams on innovating solutions to enable data center’s decarbonization and digitalization journey. Born in Singapore, Benjamin graduated from the National University of Singapore with a degree in Engineering Science, focusing on renewables and complex energy systems such as data center. Benjamin was hand picked for the Graduate Engineer Program with a world-renowned engineering company working- on decarbonization solutions, such as energy efficiency programs, solar adoption, and battery energy storage solutions when the industry was still nascent. Over the course of his career, he had a global view of solutions engineering, working on critical infrastructure like the Singapore Sports Hub and a 500-ton Floating Crane in a major global canal. Under his leadership, the team of specialists put together engineered solutions to solve digitalization, energy efficiency and in renewing aging infrastructure globally. Most recently, Benjamin also took on the role of Business Development in economic-oriented research in the areas of EV Manufacturing, 5G, robotization for Built Environment and also Industry 4.0 Manufacturing and Supply Chain.


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