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Claude Achcar

Claude Achcar

Managing Partner, Actel Consulting
Claude Achcar is the Founder and Managing Partner of Actel Consulting, a highly specialized Tech advisory firm. The company, founded in 2002, differentiates through independent, deep-dive, and hands-on guidance to deliver implementable advisory. Clients include investors, innovators, corporates, telecoms, service providers, and regulators. Claude has over 30 years of ICT experience. He began his career as an AI Research Associate followed by eleven years in various engineering, marketing, and operations roles with Nortel. Prior to Actel Consulting, Claude was Managing Director and VP Asia at Ciena. Claude is an engineer by training, holding B.Eng. & M.Eng. (Speech Recognition) degrees from Ecole Polytechnique, and an MBA from McGill University, both in Montreal, Canada.


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