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Craig Gianoli

Craig Gianoli

APAC Senior Electrical Manager - Data Center Design Engineering, AWS
Craig Gianoli is APAC Electrical Manager for Data Center Design Engineering responsible for delivery of AWS Data Center Designs and High Voltage Substations across the region. Craig began his career working across a network’s utility business, gaining valuable insights in the intricacies of electrical transmission and distribution infrastructure. This laid the background for his subsequent role as a consulting engineer, where he honed his skills in designing, and delivering critical electrical systems for data centers. Craig’s leadership shines through his ability to innovate and deploy cutting-edge power distribution solutions, ensuring highest levels of availability for mission-critical applications, all while reducing energy consumption and in turn environmental impact. His strategic thinking, problem-solving prowess and unwavering commitment for technical excellence make him an invaluable asset in the dynamic realm of data center engineering.


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