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Devid Palčič

Devid Palčič

CEO, Robotina
MSc. Devid Palčič (male), Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, MBA in Business/Managerial Economics, is a researcher in the field of robotics, artificial intelligence and automation systems. He was the leader of most of R&D Robotina's projects, which led to more than 50 different products on the market. He has more than 25 years of experience working on various development projects. He is responsible for the iBMS (intelligent building management) at Robotina and also specified the first smart home system at Robotina. His areas of interest and expertise are in surveillance technology interacting with people and society. He is currently working on smart city concepts that include smart houses, buildings, energy, mobility and more. He was involved in the specification and design of most Robotine products. He is a co-author of all patents owned by the company and a regular lecturer at international conferences (in several EU countries, the Middle East, India, Japan and China). He is the recipient of the GZS award for outstanding achievements in 2011, which is the highest national business award.


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