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Nilesh Jadhav

Nilesh Jadhav

Head of Energy & Performance Services (ASEAN), Siemens
Nilesh Jadhav is a passionate clean energy and decarbonization champion, with more than 2 decades of experience in the field. He currently works as the Head of Energy Performance and Sustainability business (ASEAN) at Siemens Smart Infrastructure. Focusing on end-to-end decarbonization solutions and digital services implementation for lifecycle sustainability for organizations, his team helps create innovative pathways towards complete decarbonization and achievement of net-zero goals. Nilesh’s diverse work experience spans across senior management, sales leadership & technical roles in manufacturing, supply- logistics and research functions in Singapore, India and the Netherlands. Notably, he has been involved in the Green Data Centre and Green Mark certification standards development in Singapore, and has also worked on projects implementing innovative data centre technologies.


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