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Sjors van de Rijt

Sjors van de Rijt

Global Head of Sustainability Partnerships – Technology & Energy, Shell Energy
Sjors van de Rijt is the Global Head of Sustainability Partnerships, Technology & Energy, at Shell. His team is responsible for Shell’s holistic partnership approach with Tech companies to further low-carbon energy solutions that help the sector, Shell, and society accelerate the journey to Net Zero Emissions. Examples of that approach since 2020 include work done with a large number of hyperscalers, telco’s, and co-locators across North America, Europe, and Asia in renewable power, sustainable fuels, EV, immersion fluids, nature-based solutions, and digital innovation. He also represents Shell Ventures as an investor in immersion cooling technology for data centers. In his previous role, Sjors was part of the team who shaped Shell’s Powering Progress strategy, which the Sectoral Transformation is at the heart of. Prior to that, he has held a variety of commercial roles in Shell Trading, Lubricants Supply Chain, Gas marketing, and Renewables. Sjors graduated from Maastricht University with a MSc in International Business and has been in the energy industry for nearly 2 decades years after having started his career as entrepreneur and consultant on the liberalisation of telecom markets in Eastern Europe.


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