Cloud Expo Europe London



Co-Located With:

  • Data Centre World
  • Cloud Security Expo
  • Big Data World
  • Smart IOT London

Co-Located With:

  • Data Centre World
  • Cloud Security Expo
  • Big Data World
  • Smart IoT


“I have attended both days of the show and I find the concept is great! For example, the live data centre. This is a really useful feature of the show that interest me. I did find what I am looking for and I am satisfied that my objective is met. I love the VIP lounge concept the most. After a long day, there is a place where I can rest my legs and have a cup of coffee which is what I did not experience in other shows that I have attended.

Sam Halis, Data Centre Technologies Lead, PQ Energy System, LLC


“There is a wide plethora of vendors and products available at Data Centre World. The co-located shows also made it even easier for me to connect with my contacts and visit new exhibitors all at once.”

Lawrence Ho, IT Analyst, Delta Neutral Pte Ltd


“I attend the shows to gain new knowledge. Data Centre World has a good variety of exhibitors showcasing different new products that are applicable to my company.”

Meng Wee Lim, Managing Director, SP Consulting (International) Pte Ltd


“Data Centre World is a very prepared and well-managed event. Exhibitors are showcasing advanced technologies that I have not seen before in other shows yet. I will definitely attend the 2018 Data Centre World.”

Arun Tamilarasan. Operations Head, O2 Controls Private Limited


“There are many established vendors at Data Centre World and I look forward to seeing more local start-ups especially in the SiTF pavilion next year!”

Alvin Lam. IT Director, Massive Wisdom Group Pte Ltd


“The event is crowded and there are many exhibitors that I am interested in were showcasing new and advanced products – especially on cloud, security and Internet of Things. Conference sessions that I have attended are informative and relevant alongside with great speakers.”

Freddy Darmawan, Director, Oracle


“I have visited the shows many times and this year, there are significantly more exhibitors and visitors than previous years. The new and improved Live Data Centre of the Future features many innovative products that are not seen before at other shows. I enjoyed the conference very much as well and will visit in 2018.”

Thant Zin, Consultant, 3P Fusion Pte Ltd


“I work in a data centre and this event is a great opportunity for me to source products and gain new knowledge. This show is better than any other events I have attended and I would recommend Data Centre World to my colleagues as it will be a good exposure for them.”

Talakanti Upendhar Reddy, QS Head, Ctris


“I have been visiting Data Centre World for several years now and the show is much bigger than other events I have visited. I have met some of my associates here, so the networking helps to know the latest technologies.”

Alexander Toh, Head of Business Development, Gathergates Switchgear Pte Ltd


“I feel that the show is very good. There is a lot to learn about the cloud and data centres. The purpose for me to attend the show is to learn more about data centres, and also to show support to our colleagues at Data Centre World. I will definitely come back next year!”

Loh Hui Tyng, Sales Support, Union Power Pte Ltd


“Data Centre World is a great event where I could learn more about infrastructure as well as data centre design & build – this help me foresee the future data centre in 5-10 years. This is especially crucial to me as I’m working in the real estate industry and I need to explore the best way to improve buildings. And I highly treasure face-to-face interaction so I sent out meeting requests to some of the exhibitors via your event app before the event, therefore, I’m able to meet them all in person at one location within one day.”

Alex Ng, Assistant Vice President, Development Planning & Design, Real Estate Development & Services, Ascendas-Singapore Pte Ltd


“The Live Data Centre of the Future is a good place to explore new technologies and foresee the future data centre. I particularly love to see the high-dense design of cablings which helps managing the fibre cabling in my company. I have been to Data Centre World every year and my colleagues are with me this time for the co-located event, Cloud Expo Asia.”

Jason Teo, Director, NTT Singapore Pte Ltd


“This is my third time visiting Cloud Expo Asia & Data Centre World because I know I am able to source new technologies and broaden my horizon here. This year, one of my main purposes of visiting is to explore data centre training courses and I received useful information from the exhibitors.”

Frederick Pang, Senior Technical Consultant, StarHub Ltd


“The conference programmes are excellent! We have attended several sessions and find it very relevant and informative. The exhibition is very well-managed with many Data Centre oriented vendors. We are certainly coming back for day 2 and in 2018!”

Kim Fatt Quah, Director, UNI FULL CABLE SDN BDN

Speaker Testimonials

“This event provides an excellent platform for professionals to get more information on the latest technology and implementations, as well as to gather with like-minded people. It’s a good way of evangelising what you are trying to build and what you are trying to deliver, so I’m a big fan of these events, allowing me to reach out to a mass group of audience in one location.”

Jayraj Nair, VP & Global Head – IoT, Wipro Limited


“Cloud Expo Asia gave us opportunity to enter the market, that’s why we are here again the second time, promoting our new digital platform to the audience.”

Dimuth Samaranayaka, CEO, Ascension IT Pty Ltd


"Businesses should be able to understand how best to manage and leverage DevOps, containers and global resource projects. I find that a lot of enterprise organisations don't really follow what is happening in the open source world, so this event is great for exposing the enterprise world to what start-ups are doing to disrupt established business models."

Vincent De Smet, DevOps Engineer, Honestbee

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