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Honoring Excellence and Innovation Transformation in the Data Centre space

Introducing the Data Centre World Asia Awards

As the digital landscape continues to expand at an unprecedented pace, the significance of data centres in powering global innovation and transforming industries cannot be overstated.  Data Centre World Asia Awards serve as a beacon, shining a light on the remarkable organizations, individuals and groundbreaking technologies that are shaping the future.

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Award Categories

Innovation in Data Centre Excellence Award

The Innovation in Data Centre Excellence Award recognizes exceptional achievements in data centre technology, practices, and processes. It acknowledges individuals, teams, or organizations who have revolutionized data centres by introducing novel approaches, cutting-edge solutions, or disruptive ideas. The recipients of this award set new standards and inspire others to strive for continuous improvement. Their groundbreaking contributions propel the industry forward, ensuring data centres remain at the forefront of technological advancement and efficiency.


Data Centre Service of the Year Award

Data centres are the backbone of numerous industries, and a nominee's track record in maintaining uninterrupted service, redundancy measures, and robust disaster recovery plans are essential considerations. Judges must also assess the nominee's commitment to data privacy, technological innovation, scalability and flexibility, environmental responsibility, customer support and service level agreements, industry recognition and awards, and client testimonials and case studies.

Sustainable Solution of the Year Award

The Sustainable Solution of the Year Award recognizes exemplary efforts and innovative initiatives within the data centre industry that promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. 

Recipients of this award have made significant strides in reducing energy consumption, minimizing carbon footprint, and implementing eco-friendly technologies and practices within their data centre facilities. They have developed and implemented sustainable solutions that contribute to energy efficiency, renewable energy utilization, waste reduction, and responsible resource management.

Energy Solution of the Year Award

The Energy Solution of the Year Award recognizes exceptional achievements and groundbreaking innovations in the realm of energy efficiency and management within the data centre industry. 

Recipients of this award have showcased remarkable advancements in energy efficiency, renewable energy integration, and innovative approaches to power management. Their solutions may include novel cooling technologies, energy storage systems, intelligent power distribution systems, or other energy-saving strategies that have resulted in substantial reductions in energy usage and carbon footprint.

Congratulations To Our 2023 Winners!

Winners were announced and presented with their awards at Data Centre World Asia, 11 Oct 2023 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Winner of Innovation in Data Centre Excellence Award
Sintalow Hardware

Winner of Data Centre Service of the Year Award
Millenium 3

Winner of Sustainable Solution of the Year Award

Winner of Energy Solution of the Year Award
Riello UPS

Our 2023 Judges - Data Centre Leaders

Benedict Kwok
Vice President, Data Center Services
NTT Global Data Centers Asia

Chandra Irawan
Asia GM
Pure DC
Yeo Teong Chuan (TC)
Head of Research and Development
ST Telemedia Global Data Centres
David Dzienciol
Chief Customer & Commercial Officer

Donna Bridgman
VP - Design & Engineering / APAC Regional Chair
Vantage Data Centers / Infrastructure Masons

Mayank Srivastava
Chief Executive Officer
BDx Data Centers
Phillip Marangella
Chief Marketing & Product Officer

Sanjay Bhutani
Chief Business Officer

Sunil Gupta
CEO & Founder
Yotta Data Centres

Pritimukta Sarangi 
Head – Group Marketing and ESG
Princeton Digital Group (PDG)
William Heng
Chief Solutions Engineering Officer
Empyrion DC
Jimmy Yu
SVP International Business
GDS Holdings

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