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Broaden Your Reach with Asia's Leading Tech Event

A media and community partnership is the iedal platform to further the reach of your publication or association.

Being a media partner with Data Centre World Asia event gives you access to a vast audience of industry professionals and key decision-makers.

Benefit from the event's extensive reach to expand your brand visibility, connect with a targeted audience and gain exclusive access to industry insights, trends, event contents and expert perspectives.

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Data Centre World Asia Official Show Logos

Download and integrate these official logos, tagline and banner into your marketing materials to let everyone know you’re partnering with us. 

Use these graphics on your website, social media, newsletters, and email.

To download images, right click on the image and choose 'Save Image As...'

DCWA Logo - Used in White/Plain Background DCWA Logo - Used in Colored Background
dcwa logo positive dcwa logo negative


Social Media Graphics

Use social media to promote your participation at Data Centre World Asia 2023. Social media is a great way to chronicle your journey to Singapore and to let everyone know where to find you at the show.  

  • Follow us on Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter for the latest updates
  • RSVP to our event pages on Facebook and LinkedIn.
    Tag us in your posts for a chance to be featured on our social pages.
  • Hashtag to promote your presence: #DCWA #DCWA2023 #TechWeekSingapore #DCWAsia

Email Communication

Send out an email to invite your customers and network to visit your booth is a great way to maintain a good relationship and produce collective emulation to conclude sales. 

When: At least 6 weeks before the show week and up to 10 weeks before. 

Email Header: Use some of the following suggested headers for your email:

  • Your invitation to the Data Centre World Asia 2023
  • See you at Data Centre World Asia 2023? 
  • How about 2 days in Singapore? 

Be sure to include your Bespoke Visitor registration link in your email, banners and all social media posts.

Bespoke Visitor Registration Link

Bespoke visitor registration link is a customised "Call-to-action" referral link for you to use in your social media post or email invitation to your network to register for the event. 

The bespoke visitor registration link accurately tracks the success of your referral campaign. Please contact us at to receive your bespoke URL registration link. 


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